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Tar Heel Traveler: New Journeys Across North Carolina

New Journeys.jpg

So many memorable stories!

I could fill dozens of books describing the people I’ve met and sights I’ve seen as WRAL’s Tar Heel Traveler. But then I wouldn’t have time to continue Tar Heel traveling.

So I’ve selected some of my favorites, more than 30 “new journeys.” The stories will make you laugh, smile, cry—and keep you turning the pages, I hope.


The people, places and curiosities in this book may also surprise you. I bet you’ll learn something you didn’t know, because I sure did. I didn’t know I could write a sequel to my first book (Tar Heel Traveler: Journeys Across North Carolina). But when I put pen to paper—or finger to keyboard—the words flowed. Writing New Journeys reminded me how much I love traveling the state and chronicling slivers of North Carolina history. What fun it is!


It’s as if every journey is exciting and new.         

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